The basic plan….

I’m combining Joe Friel’s Cyclist’s Training Bible with Cyclo-Core Stretching & Core Strengthening. During the Base/Winter months I’ll be doing some traditional weight training and intervals from Fred Matheny’s Power to the Pedals. .

I’m using 450 hours per year for Friel’s methods which don’t account for much of the off bike work. This gives about 12 hours a week of cycling on a “big” week. I’m adding the auxiliary workouts from Cyclo-Core’s 12-week Off Season Program and two weight session per week rotating between Chest/Back, Shoulders/Arms & Legs/Back.

As we get closer to the season and event dates get firmed up, I’ll start tweaking the program accordingly. For now I’ll be beginning a 4 week Base1 and into a 4 week Base2 period.

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2 Responses to The basic plan….

  1. nicoppy says:

    Looks good, you’ve made an impressive start considering you have gone biblical with St. Joe. Last year, I used this guy’s winter training plan , but I substituted the Sufferfest turbo dvds in for the interval sessions. I found training indoors Tues/Thurs and riding Sat/Sun outdoors worked fine for me until we had a big freeze and all riding was indoors for about 3 weeks – not good. I’ve adapted this plan again for January when I’ll start my base working towards a 5 hour Sunday ride by week 11.
    As for core training I will be shovelgloving which is basically weights for hippies, but effective and only takes 14 minutes 5 days a week.
    I have no particular goals for 2011 which is a problem, but I will see where this training takes me. I doubt I’ll race again, I get very competitive and obsessional, but you never know!

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