I don’t have time for a gym membership so it’s going to be simple. If you can’t kill yourself doing pushups & pullups, something is wrong.

I don’t have a powermeter so I’ll be using Strava & HR to help track fitness changes on select benchmark climbs.  My cycling equipment:

  • Cateye V3 Cyclocomputer (Heartrate, cadence & works on rear wheel)
  • Road bike (Aluminum, Ultegra nothing too fancy but solid and only 16.5 lbs, several wheelsets)
  • Track bike (track tubulars, road clincher wheelset and a front brake when on road)
  • Mountain bike (basic hardtail, little used)
  • Trainer (Cyclops Fluid2)
  • Rollers (no resistance)

Other fitness stuff:

  • stability ball
  • dumbells 5-40lbs
  • pull up bar
  • foam roller
  • heavy punching bag (half kidding)
  • treadmill (please God, no!)
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