Tuesday's Workout

Unexpected kid stuff (1st Orchestra program for knucklehead#1) pushed back the workout until about 10:00pm.  50min in a freezing garage (25F) on the trainer, yes trainer. I know I’ve been loving the rollers but this workout called for some single leg drills and those would be dicey on the rollers, especially the last sets where it gets choppy.

  • 10min warmup (w/ 5×15(60) spin ups)
  • 5×30(60) One-Leg (each) @ 90+rpm (last few sets were more like 80rpm)
  • 5×15(105) seated sprints (50—>100 rpm, heavy gear)
  • 10min cool down

Decided to wait on the weights for another week, don’t want to aggrivate my shoulder problems.  See coach(es), I can be reasoned with.

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