Thursday's Non-Workout

Got stuck at work a bit late, came home to a wife who needed to go to the doctor for the same stuff that I just got over. Fell asleep on the couch reading with the knuckleheads. It was not to be.

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2 Responses to Thursday's Non-Workout

  1. Nick says:

    I will try, and no doubt fail, to do something like this. Then again I may just build the fire, fill a glass and watch the snow fall.

    PS The poster should in no way be associated with, or deemed to have even handled the above publication in print, and has only knowingly viewed said website once. Honest. Really.

    • wkinch says:

      The disclaimer was wise, I like the pretty pictures but I’m not a Rouleur/Rapha type. Those cats usually take themselves a bit too seriously but this article ends with a touch of reality.

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