Saturday's Workout…

Family obligations & Christmas errands prevented the outdoor ride today. I was all ready to go in the morning and was waiting for my wife to get back home so I could go but she got held up when she ran in to some friends we had not seen in quite a while. By the time she got home, there wasn’t enough time an I had to change again.

So I did Thurday’s missed workout on the rollers. Except that the “Form Intervals & 30/30s” really don’t work on the rollers. The rollers don’t give enough resistance to make it a low rpm/high force interval. As a result I just gave it hell (~172bpm) and they were more like threshold intervals.  Felt good to open the throttle a bit.

  • 10:00 min Warmup 5×15(45)
  • 15:00 min Form Intervals 2×5:00(2:30)[75-80rpm] but actually Zone 4/85-90rpm in top gear (or ClimbingRepeats according to Dr.Climbgood’s copywrited & stupid terminology)
  • 4:00 min 30/30s 4×30(30) [high gear/100rpm ]
  • 5:00 min Cool Down
  • total time: 34:00

So if my fitness falls apart in June it’s probably the “burst capillaries” from today workout that did it:

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