Sunday's ride… (actually outdoors!)

Did about 2 hrs at an easy pace with a few efforts here and there. The fact that I’ve been sick and riding indoors for the last 2 weeks became apparent during the last hour and on the harder climbs. Oh well, felt good to get out.

  • 34 miles in 2:11 (moderately hilly route, there is no flat around here)
  • ~37 – 40 degF (started w/ legwarmers & vest but took ’em off about halfway)

Going to do some stretching & core work tonight but now I have to take knucklehead#1 to Dr., the crud is making it’s way around the family.

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2 Responses to Sunday's ride… (actually outdoors!)

  1. nicoppy says:

    I’m assuming Monday is a rest day? It should be.

    • wkinch says:

      Tuesday is rest day due to work travel. I managed an
      hour this morning. Sitting in airport recovering from being molested by TSA.

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