Monday's workout…

Stayed out of the office since I was traveling later in the day. Good excuse for a short ride.

Did 22 miles in 1:15 in 40degF. Felt decent. Pushed a bit here and there but mostly cruised. Quite windy.

May have solved a recent issue, my right hip flexor and aductor have been seeming to give out early. the aductors felt like it was due to not sitting on the seat square. I should note that I have a shorter right leg and shim my cleat about 1/4″. Getting my feet, knees, back and ass happy all at once has always been a struggle.

Turns out my cleat on the right side was placing my foot further out. Stopped mid-ride and fixed it, no more discomfort and felt stronger for the rest of the ride.   

One 2.5hr flight later and  now I’m in Kansas City, MO for work. I’ll do some stretching and core stuff at the Hotel. Tomorrow is a rest day.

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