Base1 Plan Week2of4…

Base1 Week2 of 4


  • 1.5hr E2
  • CZ BW 1,2&3 (45min)
  • CZ FTB Stretch (15min)

Tuesday (out of town)

  • off
  • CZ FTB Strencth/Stretch


  • Power2/1 45min (5x45ILT & 5×15 Seather Sprints)
  • CC BonusAB&Core (15min)
  • CC Body Weight Circuit 2&3 (30min)


  • 2.0 E2


  • Power2/2 45min (2x5m Form Intervals & 5×30(30) 30/30s)
  • CycloZen FTB Strength
  • CycloCore Bonus Ab&Core

Saturday (Merry Christmas)

  • 1.5E2 (we’ll see, probably 45min on rollers)


  • 2.5E2
  • CZ Recovery Yoga
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