Holiday Log

The holidays were great in every way other than cycling. Between visiting relatives, snow, cold and general holiday craziness, it just wouldn’t happen. I did ride the rollers twice for about 30 min each but my plans of a solid training week were scuppered.  I managed to strech a few times as well.

It went like this:

  • Wednesday: Work, last minute shopping
  • Thursday: Shop Xmas Party, last minute shopping, dinner w/ relatives, 30min rollers
  • Friday: Xmas w/ the old lady’s family, Santa duties
  • Saturday: AM: Xmas at home w/ immediate family, PM Xmas w/ my family, 30min rollers
  • Sunday: AM: assembing toys, setting up mom’s iPad, setting up my new bad-assed computer PM: 2hrs Airsoft w/ knucklehead#1 & nephew#2, dinner w/ extened family, too much wine
  • Monday: Work, tinkering w/ new computer waiting for dinner too settle, never happened so no workout. 
  • Tuesday: Pay for above sins on the trainer (I don’t deserve the rollers)

The good news is that we are skiing this weekend and I’m taking my bike to the mountains. Hopefully the roads aren’t too icy to ride. Speaking of that, I need to change my 11-23 for the 12-27.

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