Plan for Week2/2011

Looks like a week of decent weather. I’m backing up and doing Base1 Week2 again and pretending the holidays didn’t happen. Normally I’d take Monday off but I’m off work to babysit. The teacher I’m married too has to go back before the knuckleheads. I’ll be on the bike in the driveway when she gets home tomorrow.

Sounds like they are starting to arrange the winter programs at the velodrome so if I’d love to work that into my schedule. Unfortunately the winter rains wreck about half of anything you plan on the velodrome but when it comes together it’s fun.  

Base1 Week2/4 (part2)

Sunday (1/2/2011)

  • 1.0hr Rollers
  • CZ Recovery Yoga

Monday (off work, kids’ stuff in evening)

  • 1.5hr E2
  • CZ BW 1,2&3 (45min)
  • CZ FTB Stretch (15min)


  • Power2/1 45min
  • 5x45ILT
  • 5×15 Seather SPrints
  • CC BonusAB&Core
  • CC BW 2&3

Wednesday (kids’ stuff in evening)

  • off/easy
  • 30min Rollers easy
  • CZ Strength & Stretch


  • Power2/2
  • 45min2x5m Form intervals
  • 5×30(30) 30/30s
  • CZ FTB Strength
  • CC Bonus Ab&Core

Friday (G1000 Training Class in evening <– groovy airplane stuff)

  • off
  • maybe spin on rollers & stretch a bit


  • 2.5 E2
  • CZ Strength & Stretch


  • 2.0 E2
  • CZ Recovery Yoga

That’s the plan Stan.

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