Sunday – Rollers & Stretching

Only did 45 min of roller time while watching Nine Ball Diaries, not a bad little flick. Nothing hard, just a steady 150bpm @ 90rpm for the most part.

Knucklehead#2 couldn’t sleep so he came out to the garage and watched with me. He asked some good questions. Both cyclocross & rollers tend to provoke questions I suppose. 

Afterwards did a 15min stretching routine.

Tomorow’s plan:

  • Knuckleheads to orthodontists
  • Haircuts for Knuckleheads & I
  • Suprise the Old Lady and buy new kitchen table she was eyeing
  • Arrange for new timing belt on zee Krautvaggon (or maybe do myself on the weekend) 
  • Stow remainder of Xmas junk in attic
  • Ride 1.5hr immediately upon arrival of Old Lady (let her find the table)
  • Take Knucklehead#1 to Boy Scouts 
  • Do that other stuff on THE PLAN

Worse than a day at work!

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