Cateye's Service & Warranty – Thanks

The idea of data mining generally is generally creepy and, being an engineer, I’m quite prejudiced against all forms of sales and marketing… BUT occasionally it work in our favor.

I lost my Cateye V3 computer. I left it on the bike when on the roof rack and when I got home it was gone. Somewhere in a ditch between Larryville  and Duluth is the data from my last 7-8 rides! Yes I know, they no longer count now. Usually I remove the computer, saddlebag & bottles but I forgot this time.

I whined about it on twitter and Cateye’s equivalent of the NSA spotted it. They told me to report to the mothership and that they’d do something to help. Pro-rated price? Replacement head unit? Complete new kit? Dare I hope? Anything is appreciated.

I called and after promising not to leave it on when transporting, the part is on the way! I assume it’s just the head unit.

As a thank you, I’ll do a short review on the Cateye V3 for my legions of fans (I’m huge in Brazil & India). Basically it has all the basic functions with cadence and heartrate. It stores 14 (I think) rides and, most importantly, it uses a chainstay mounted wireless sensor for both speed and cadence. This gives REAR WHEEL SPEED which is very nice on a trainer and was the #1 reason I chose this computer.

I like the computer, it’s small, works well without lots of wires and mutilple sensors.  Battery life seemed great so far (5-6  months and 4000miles w/o changing). My last computer, A Polar 300CAD, was great on paper, OK in practice but ultimately unreliable.

I have  a few observations and areas that could use improvement but nothing that would keep me from recommeding it highly:

  • The buttons are very stuff with no feedback. Somewhat difficult in gloves. (You won’t accidently hit them twice due to a bump though.)
  • The backlight only stays on for a short time, barely enough to see anything. It would be nice if, after using the backlight, it came on whenever any other button was touched. My polar (for all it’s warts) did this and it was a great feature.
  • The ability to download to a PC would be nice. (I know, it’s a big ask)
  • My max cadence is almost always 200, probably due to an automatic door or something but otherwise the wireless is very reliable.
  •  I still have reservations about the bracket. I’ve had the same bracket break on a Strada Wireless that I have on the track bike. The problem is the little tab that catches and retains the head unit eventually breaks. Cateye’s Tech Support suggests pulling up when installing or removing to lessen the force on the tab. I’ve found that a rubber band around the base is resonable insurance but I’d forgotten this trick on my road bike.

So thanks to Cateye for standing behind their product. Their quick action prevented me from either robbing my Strada off the track bike or installing a Sigma I have. Neither option would have please me as much as having my V3 back.

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