Thursday's Ride 1/6/2011

1:15, 22 miles, 38degF, light rain, dark, you do the math. Or is that  “maths” for my UK based twittercoaches.  I was supposed to stretch afterwards but the knuckleheads needed my IT and mechanical skills and I needed to sleep.

I actually like riding in crap weather, I’m a mudder. I do not care for the big cleanup required though. I hosed the rig down and will have to do a proper job cleaning later.

On a fun note, I will not be able to excercise tonight becasue I’m learning a new avionics system: The Garmin G1000. It’s pretty neat and will allow me to transistion to a Diamond DA40 rather than the PA-28-180 and DA20s I’ve been flying lately. It’s a 5hr class (2.5hr on Friday & 2.5hr Monday w/ homework in between. Then I can do the check-out in the aircraft.

I keep hoping the boss will offer to let me use his new SR22 for the operating cost but it hasn’t happened yet despite me focusing all my limited  psychic powers on him. Hey, if it was mine I wouldn’t let anyone else fly it. I have done some right seat time and it’s exquisite.

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