Saturday's Ride – Cold & Windy as Hell (channelling @bobbietraksel)

Was supposed to be 2.5+ hrs but it was <35F and as windy and gusty as I’ve ever ridden in. I really considered going back for more clothes in the first few miles.

Ended up 1:40 and 25.5 miles. If that sounds slow, it was. There were long descents that I normally coast down at 30+ mph and I was pedaling them 16 mph. The wind made the climbs seem twice as long and gust would almost bring me to a stop. The last 4 miles or so was w/ a tailwind so I finished warmer and faster. Truely miserable, I loved it.

Supposed to do some core & stretching but it didn’t happen. I’ll do it in the morning.  I’m going to try to ride outdoors tomorrow (with the thermal bibs and something over my ears this time).  The snow is coming and it’s quite likely we’ll all be stuck at home Monday so I’ll do some core/weights and roller or trainer time.

I really want to get some 2.5hr+ rides in but w/ lack of light and bad weather, it’s tought to get them in.

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