The Plan (Revised)

Coach @cyclingtwit suggest a few days of moderate rides to get back into it and Coach @niccopy suggests shorter two-a-days. I’m going to try to incorporate both.

Yesterday was my warmup to getting back to training. I’m going to ramp back into Base2 week1 and see how it goes.  Monday’s workout is mostly technique and not too strenuous. If I get rained out on Tuesday, I’m going to do an AM/PM roller/trainer session but I might just go get wet too.

Monday   (trainer)
 1.0hr Power Week2/1
     5×15 Seated Sprints
 CC BonusAB&Core
 CC BW#1

Tuesday (Rain?)
 1.5 E2 Aerobic or 1.0hr rollers

Wednesday (Rain?) (trainer or rollers)
 1.0 hr Power2/2 45min
     2x5m Form intervals
     5×30(30) 30/30s
 CZ FTB Strength
 CC Bonus Ab&Core

 2.0 Aerobic
 CZ FTB Stretch

 off (0.5hr roller maybe)
 Stretch & Release

 1.5 Aerobic 

 3.0 Aerobic

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