Wednesday 2/9 -1.5 hr- felt OK

Did some exercise in the morning and snuck out of work about a 1/2 hour early to go for a ride.  Tried @lambsimon ‘s Verde Pre-Ride Oil and was pleased. Used it under leg warmers because it was in the low 30s but could really feel the difference. No so much that you feel warmth as you just don’t feel the cold. Would be perfect on bare legs in the high 40s up to the low 60s.

I was out of my regular chamois creame so I used my tin of Bag Balm. Man that stuff is thick. Putting it on is an upper body workout.

  Foam Roller work on my

  1.5 hr (24mi) 
  Moderate effort with a few jumps from lights and stop signs.  Mostly blowing out the cobwebs.
  Bit of a sore hip afterwards (due to backpacking I’d guess) so did some streching and foam roller stuff.

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