Speedplay Zeros w/ Extended Bases

Todays ride was about getting in some miles and tuning my Speedplay zero cleats w/ the new extended bases.

Biomechanically I’m a freak. I have a leg length discrepancy. My left leg is about 3/8″ longer and my left foot is bigger (<1/2 size).  I also have long toes relative to my foot size, which I’ve been told explains why I was a good sprinter (100m, 200m & 400m) on the track. That and being all fast twitchy. I’ve have to jam my left cleat all the way back and with previous pedals (Look, Shimano) I even did some machining on the cleat to allow a more rearward position. I never felt like it was far back enough. On the other hand my right cleat would be 15mm further forward.

Getting cleat position, shim stack height & saddle height all working together is a pain. Now with the new Speedplay setup I’ve felt like my left cleat is right for the first time. Normally I wouldn’t do a ride over an hour when tinkering w/ position but this setup felt good even though I’ve had a pretty crappy couple of weeks training-wise.

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