3/1 Night Ride

Had a nice chilly night ride (arm & knee warmers & vest). I decided to cruise everything and hit all the hills in the big ring. There were a few long ones (1/2mi+) that required standing at the end or short steep ones that I could just sprint over but mostly I tried to power over them seated.  I doubt I set any new PRs but Strava will tell me when I bother to upload.  In between I’d just spin along until recovered and then cruise until the next climb.  

I stopped at a gas station at ~24miles to make a little adjustment to my right cleat. I think I’m getting it dialed in now. I had to call the law after watching a dirtbag buy liquor for some teenage girls. The Fuzz asked if I wanted to talk to the officers but I thought, since I gave them the tag numbers, descriptions (cars and dirtbags) and direction of travel, that I’d rather get home. Now I wonder if they even bothered.

The last bit that ends most of my rides, my own little Capo Berta, Cipressa & Poggio (1/4 scale), tempted me and I had to give it the beans over the last few kms.

36 miles in 2:05

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