Podcast Reviews & an Apology @sofaboy @stumpyrider

By way of apology to my Scottish friends for a bit of a mixup: Here are two great, new and fairly new podcasts. For those of you who haven’t heard of Scotland, it’s a small northern country whose economy has recently completely switched to postal delivery, podcasting and twitter-casting.

Velo Club Don Logan: http://www.veloclubdonlogan.co.uk/ 
My iTunes review: A little bit of everything: road, mountian, cross,  pro and local Scottish scene. The local stuff is beyond me but I enjoy it anyway. The Graeme Obree interview is a must listen.  I’ve encouraged them to incoroporate more of Don’s style but they’ve wisely resisted tempatation.

Flammecast: http://flammecast.com/
Mostly pro racing related discussion. If I had a voice like John’s I’d never shut up either. I’ll give them a positive iTunes review when they are all set up. John casts(pod) his net over a wider selection of topics (still plenty of cycling) on his other podcast: http://www.thesofaboychronicles.com/.

while I’m at it:

District Cycling: http://districtcycling.com/
The ever-disturbed(ing) Mike Creed is a regular on this show. Mostly racing talk, pro and the DC/mid-atlantic scene.

and of course:

The Two Johns Podcast: http://www.twojohnspodcast.missingsaddle.com/
If you are reading my wildly popular blog, you already know.

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