Another Cycling Podcast Review: Real Peloton

Real Peloton will not be televised…..

Perhaps my favorite cycling podcast is the randomly released Real Peloton podcast with Matt Rendell and Ned Boulting. Matt’s deep understanding and love of the sport coupled with Ned’s more recent conversion to cycling fanhood provides for excellent, wandering and hilarious discusions of cycling and other slightly related topics.

I find myself identifying with this strange mix of passion for the sport and the full acknowledgement of the complete absurdity of it all. They might go from laughing at the over-hyped marketing of Team Sky (or LeOpard), attempting an abysmal Spanish or Kazakh accent, railing against our all-knowing and benevolent UCI to telling an amazing story of one of the lesser known heros of our sport. They make no apologies for their eclectic tastes in literature, music, Columbia or Chris Boardman.

Both Matt and Ned are gifted in their ability to turn the clever phase, Ned in a blunt matter-of-fact way and Matt (the former educator) in more subtle, comically pretentious terms that occasionally resemble English.

Some of my favorite Real Peloton Quotes:

On Pharm$trong & The Shack:
“…the same old grizzly suspects..I use the word suspects not in any sort of… legally actionable way…” -Ned Boulting & Matt Rendell (finishing each other’s sentences)

On Alejandro Valverde & Piti:
“…the sheer insensitivity of denying your dog’s name…” -Matt Rendell

On Ricardo Ricco & Magazine Covers:
 “…leading to the inescapable conclusion that humanity’s greater good can only be served by putting this arrogant, immature, self-deluding cheat on the cover of a cycling magazine with a circulation of diddly squat. More nuanced, considered thought goes into mugging than goes into the covers of cycling magazines…” -Matt Rendell

On Team Sky & Cycling Magazines: 
“…Gil Scott Heron & Rupert Murdock are now co-conspirators, manipulating the unknowing talents of Bradley Wiggins to undermine the military industrial complex of the west…the world according to cycling magazines” -Matt Rendell

On Matt Rendell & The World Feed Commentator
“…so two bit and unimportant and rubbish that they can’t afford to have their own commentators, so you are sort of like the the Tesco’s value brand commentator…” -Ned Boulting (apparently irritated that Matt got more quotes)

Episode Four is a must listen: Real Peloton

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