3/12 AM ride: underwhelming performance & sabotage?

3/12 ~25miles in… I haven’t looked… it wasn’t impresive. Couldn’t do more than plod along.

Glad I didn’t do the local shop ride for several reasons:
1.) I sucked
2.) I ran into 3 other riders (vauguely familiar) who assured me that it didn’t start up until next weekend despite the nice weather.

These were 3 people that didn’t finish the first group and I might’ve changed my route to allow a natural, polite separation after a while but today I was happy to rotate with them for the too few miles they were heading my way. If you don’t have a bit of bastard in you, stay off the bike.

Was it the week of travel, the steak, the few (really, just a few) beers? Maybe the asymetrical pain in my right hip leading to the discovery of the asymetrical saddle sore during post ride main”taint”enence was a clue? The bike inspection revealed a saddle pointed to the right. Goddamn Republicans! Lest you bed-wetting Liberals start gloating, (and because I hate you both) the pain is worse on the left side.

Good chance one of the knuckleheads knocked it over when rumaging in the garage, neither of which (guilty knuckleheads or innocent garage) profess any strong political opinions (not as long as they live in or consititute part of my house).

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