3/13 The last day of my 30’s.

The Ancestral Home

So the plan is to go to the legendary ancestral farm w/ my family, my folks, my grandmother and my two brothers’ families. It was a joint birthday celebration for myself (39.9973) and my neice (7.0082).

I borrowed a Caso (a mexican wok-like thing) from my amigos de trabajo and did my best to replicate the great food they make at our mostly-monthly cookouts. I think it came off rather well. My steak fajitas were more popular than mom’s hamburger & hot dogs. Take that mom!

So we hiked all over the 300 acres, rode motorcycles across rivers, shot all manner of weaponry at stolen scrap steel, listened to my brothers and my knuckleheads play all manner of guitars, ate too much and did some light repairs on the old (1800s) place. The weather was fantastic. If it was just our immediate family, it would’ve been hammock and book time.

The wife tried in vain to get me a new Ipad2 so we had to order it like commoners. I was suprised, we don’t usually spring for big b-day gifts but she figured it was my fortieth… I’d better file that piece of intel for hers eh?

Brother#1 (I’m actually #1 but.. nevemind) bought some of Puerto Ricco’s finest rum (what do I know, I just drink it) for me on a recent business trip. They tried to give it surreptitiously without disturbing the southern fantasy that they think my grandmother still clings to. I give her more credit but went along. My brothers married weirdos but hey, they used to be rock stars.

Brother#2 Bought me some books from my Amazon wish list by Michael Hutchinson (@doctor_hutch). I’d tried to get them on Kindle but they aren’t available in the US in kindle format.  

The folks gave me a nice set to steak knives identical to the one I’d been admiring at their house. That, and a nice check that equals several hours of flying time. Grandma did likewise as has become customary since she gave up understanding what we liked.

Used books by @Doctor_Hutch , becasue we can't get them on kindle in US
Rum, Checks, & Books (Ipad2 not pictured or delivered..yet)

I’d considered taking the bike and riding the 68 miles home but after my ride yesterday and riding dirt bikes all day, I’d glad I left it at home.

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