Very Short Book Reviews: The Hour & Missing the Boat by @Doctor_Hutch @UCI_overlord

Just finished The Hour in two evenings. I’m not sure a non-cyclist could fully enjoy it but they should all buy it anyway.

As a birthday present, Brother#2 ordered two (all?) of Michael Hutchinson’s books for me off my wish list on Amazon.  Missing the Boat, came first so it was quickly consumed.

Hutchinson is apparently only capable of writing about his failures, the bigger the better. Fortunately he’s a good writer (& cyclist & sailor) and can pull it off with humor and style.  Missing the Boat is about his attempt to recapture his childhood dreams of big-time sailboat racing and to do it right this time. The Hour tracks his failed attempts at breaking the only record that counts in cycling.

I enjoyed and recommend both. As a tribute to The Hour (book & record) and as a way of getting back on track with my plans for world/local scene domination, I will now ride the rollers on my nearly record-legal track bike (steel & simple but w/ 30mm rims) for one hour at a pace that would at least better that of Henri Desgrange’s initial 1893 record of 35.325kph (22mph). I never really liked that bastard anyhow.

Please don’t point out how much easier it is on the rollers, I’ve only been preparing for this attempt for a few minutes but already feel the pressure. Alert the media and @UCI_overlord.

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