A Flat? On the rollers?

Last night’s hour record tribute was a series of complications. I’d originally intended to use my track bike but I forgot it doesn’t have speedplays yet. My old shoes have Look cleats but who knows where the cleats are positioned. I was forced to compromise. I rode the road bike but intended to hold one gear once I’d settled in.

My hour attempt was begun at roughly 11:30pm so I chose to omit the lengthy warmup. Up to about 24mph in less than a minute and held between 24-25mph for 20, 30, 40, 45 minutes at 95-100 rpm. Hard enough to be work and I’m not one for steady effort. I’m jumpy, ask anyone who rides with me. I get a wild hair and bolt occasionally. After a while it took concentration to keep the pace, not because of the effort as much as I craved a change of rhythm.

At 45minutes it happened: A slow flat on the rollers. I was starting to think I was just pedaling choppy but gradually I started feeling bouncey up front. Then I realised the tire was going soft. Henri Desgrange was safe for now. It was about 12:15am and I wasn’t going to bust tires and start over. I averaged 23.6mph for 45minute and could’ve made the hour at that pace. My HR average was only 156bmp. Don’t tell the UCI that I used a HRM, cyclocomputer anda laptop playing videos and loud music.

Ok my 320tpi Vittoria Corsas were at the end of their rope. I bought some replacement 220tpi Diamantes today. When I took them off they felt as thin as paper. I’m suprised I was able to get that much even wear.

I’ll try again, perhaps after (or while) watching the Impossible Hour or The Final Hour. Maybe I’ll make it a recurring workout and see if I can climb up the recordbook to at least the 20th century. Even though the rollers are considerably easier than the road or track, I think Merckx is safe for a while.

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